The stomatological clinic of “GloriaDent” was founded in 2006. During our existence we have had time to deserve the trust of patients and respect of colleagues. But we are never satisfied with attained; our specialists attend conferences regularly, seminars on front-rank technologies, latest innovations in stomatology. The triple system of sterilization of instruments is foreseen in our clinic. On the first stage the instrument is placed into the special reagents for 30-60 minutes, which fully destroy all known microbes and viruses (information for a reference: HIV and virus of hepatitis. In such solution it is fully destroyed already in 15 minutes!). Then all the instruments are processed in the ultrasonic washing. And only after that, fully washed and dried up instrument is sealed up in impermeable disposable packages. Each package contains indicator of orange color (information for a reference: an indicator after sterilization confirms sterility of an instrument). The instruments sealed up in impermeable disposable packages are laid in the special device autoclave, where they are fully sterilized under the pressure of 2 Atm with steam, heated to the temperature of 135°С. The presence of the impermeable packing allows us to save sterility of instrument over one year. And discolored indicator from orange to brown confirms that the cycle of sterilization is conducted successfully (information for a reference: at violation of cycle of sterilization the color of the indicator does not change). The materials and technologies used by our dentists are the latest developments in the present-day dentistry which proved to be the most effective in the field. All manipulations are carried out under anesthesia. Each doctor works with a specially trained assistant. We develop an individual treatment plan taking into account the present pathology. The plan is based on the cooperation of different specialists (periodontologists, therapeutists, prosthetists, orthodontists and surgeons). Complex treatment of periodontitis involves the use of Vector- System Art-restorations of teeth are carried out with the help of modern light-cured materials. We provide all kinds of prosthetics: traditional or all-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, porcelain veneers, bridges, all types of partial and full dentures. Our clinic is equipped with a dental microscope Alltion AM-4000. This model has a fivefold magnification. This technical feature enables the specialist to examine smaller structures of a tooth and use the obtained information to provide further necessary treatment. The lenses of the microscope are produced by a German company Schott Optical Glass. The most complicated procedures which require the use of the microscope is a repeated endodontic treatment (a repeat root canal treatment). The doctor faces significant difficulties as a result of altered anatomy of canals, when their lumen is covered with a filling material, particles of previously broken tools, colour change of a tooth itself and when surfaces are thinned, that is why a proper lighting and enlargement plays an essential role after the doctor’s professionalism in that case. Thanks to the microscope, the cleanness of canals can be better monitored, the quantity of canals and their branches easily defined. The doctor can find fractures, detect and fill perforations of root canals. The use of the microscope significantly facilitates the removal of pin tooth constructions, broken tools from root canals. The estimation of the edge contiguity of veneers, crowns and insets through the microscope gives the orthopedist an opportunity to adjust an orthopaedic construction and achieve maximum accuracy in this way.