GloriaDent clinic was founded in 2006. During our existence we have had time to deserve the
trust of patients and respect of colleagues.
Our office uses the safest materials and techniques from Germany, France, Japan, America. The
latest technologies are available for our patients. We keep our technology current with the latest in
dental industry news and ground-breaking treatments.
We put especially emphasis on sterility.
The triple system of sterilization of instruments is foreseen in our clinic. On the first stage
the instrument is placed into the special reagents for 30-60 minutes, which fully destroy all
known microbes and viruses (information for a reference: HIV and virus of hepatitis. In such
solution it is fully destroyed already in 15 minutes!).
Then all small instruments are processed in the ultrasonic washing. And only after that, fully
washed and dried up instrument is sealed up in impermeable disposable packages. Each
package contains indicator of orange colour (information for a reference: an indicator after
sterilization confirms sterility of an instrument).
The instruments sealed up in impermeable disposable packages are laid in the special
device autoclave (MELAG, Germany) where they are fully sterilized under the pressure of 2 Atm
with steam, heated to the temperature of 135°С.
The presence of the impermeable packing allows us to save sterility of instrument over one
year. And discoloured indicator from orange to brown confirms that the cycle of sterilization is
conducted successfully (information for a reference: at violation of cycle of sterilization the
colour of the indicator does not change).